Celebrities Take on the Ariel Giant Ball Test in ‘Extra Challenge’

The team of Extra Challenge will take on a different level of challenges this weekend as their invited celebrities take on physical tests from leading laundry soap brand Ariel. At the Quezon City Memorial Circle last January 6 were comedian Kim Idol, vixen Keana Reeves, former beauty queen Wendy Valdez, Survivor ex-challenger Maey Bautista, and hunk actor and model Victor Aliwalas.


Have you seen the Ariel TV Ad wherein a giant white ball was rolled out of the street and people can throw
any dirt and stain on it? That was exactly how the final round of challenges unfolded as celebrities try to push
the giant ball to the finish line. Of course, the first one to cross the finish line won. The “mobs” were also
commissioned by Extra Challenge and Ariel to throw dirt and stain as the celebrities hurdle giant balls that were
twice their sizes.

One winner was proclaimed at the afternoon which you’ll soon discover as the Ariel episode of Extra Challenge
airs this Saturday and Sunday, January 12 & 13, 5:30 PM on GMA. After the celebrity challenges, hosts Marian
Rivera and Boobay went to test the efficiency of the new Ariel Complete in removing all the tough stains on the
cloth covering the giant ball.


Jenina Santos, Brand Manager for Ariel joined the Extra Challenge hosts on stage to reveal the new stain
removal capability of Ariel Complete. “Ariel Complete seeks to make laundry easier and less time consuming with
its multiple cleaning system, the combined power of bar, brush and bleach plus the built-in additives for complete
wash are all in one product”, Santos explained.

On stage, the crowd witnessed how the white cloth removed from the giant ball used during the challenge was
cleaned up sparkling white using the new Ariel Complete. Another piece of cloth from another giant ball was also
washed using a different detergent brand which the organizers politely tagged “Brand X”. In contrast, that piece
of cloth remained brownish with spots of stains still visible. The girl who washed the white cloth using “Brand
X” already used a separate bar, bleach and brush to attempt to level up with the performance of the new Ariel
Complete but still failed.


Catch the hilarious exchange of Keana, Kim Idol, and Maey, the pretty Wendy and the worth-the-swooning hunkness of Victor this weekend on GMA 7’s Extra Challenge.


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