Atty. Gozon on Sarah Lahbati’s Allegations: ‘I did not guarantee that I will protect her, I cannot protect anyone who is not telling the truth’

GMA Network replies to Sarah Lahbati’s allegations based on her tweets last night, January 9, 2013. The young actress claims Mr Gozon "guaranteed her protection" if she will tell every detail about the "under the table" deal between GMA Artist Center and ICONS Management.


Sarah mentioned “It has been three days since Ms Annette Gozon Abrogar uses GMA news to bombard me and make my image look bad.” GMA Network categorically denies this. GMA News has fairly aired both Sarah’s tweets and the Network’s statements thus she cannot accuse anyone of using the Network’s News Department to make her image look bad.

Sarah added, “Why can’t you give a statement about your involvement in ICONS management company dealing with GMA?” Atty. Annette Gozon-Abrogar reiterates that she never asked or referred Sarah to ICONS for a co-management contract.

According to Atty. Gozon-Abrogar, “The only referral to ICONS that was ever made was for branding assistance, not for co-management, in order to get more endorsements.”

Sarah also mentioned about “fixing these issues privately” with GMA management. Sarah submitted her complaints last November 2012, which was promptly and thoroughly investigated by the Network. After the investigation, however, Sarah’s allegations were found baseless.

Further, as stated in the Network’s statement yesterday, January 9, “The Network found no proof of her allegation that there was an ‘under the table’ deal between GMAAC and ICONS Management. The Network has a policy of prohibiting and penalizing any such ‘under the table’ deal between any of its executives and employees and others dealing with the Network. This policy is strictly enforced and implemented.”

In reference to her tweet saying “… I was even guaranteed protection by Mr. Gozon if I tell every detail, but when the blame pointed towards Anette, it became a different story…”, Atty. Felipe L. Gozon clarifies that what he said to Sarah and her mother was that he was grateful to them for sharing the details about the ICONS referral issue.

Atty. Gozon, contrary to what Sarah is now claiming in her tweets, never guaranteed them protection, “She did not ask for protection and I did not guarantee that I will protect her. I cannot protect anyone who is not telling the truth.”

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