Poll: Which is the Best MMFF 2012 Movie for You, ‘One More Try,’ ‘Thy Womb’ or ‘El Presidente’

Now that the 2-week duration of MMFF 2012 is almost over, which of these 3 entries do you think is the best in terms of quality: "One More Try," "El Presidente" or "Thy Womb"?

Last year, we asked you which 2012 MMFF Entry do you think will surpass the box office record of “Enteng ng Ina Mo”?

The response is unanimous for “Sisterakas” which is on track to become not only the highest-grossing MMFF movie of all time but also the highest-grossing Filipino movie of all time.


Now take this new survey: Which is the Best MMFF 2012 movie for you?

And here’s more:

Which is the “better” comedy movie, “Sisterakas” or “Sosy Problems”?

Which is the “better” horror movie, “Shake, Rattle and Roll 14: The Invasion” or “The Strangers”?

Which is the worst MMFF 2012 movie?

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