‘Jeepney Jackpot’ Aarangkada Na! (Video)

Quick thinker, lucky winner! Ang papremyo, walang preno! "Jeepney Jackpot" aarangkada na!


The new game show on wheels –“Jeepney Jackpot: Pera o Para”–rolls in the laughs led by Mr. Fu and Valeen Montenegro, along with sexy Saida Diola of “The Amazing Race Philippines” and charming driver Alizon Andres. This fast-paced game show-on-wheels is characteristically Filipino, with program’s pimped out jeepney at the heart of all the fun. Lucky commuters across Metro Manila stand the chance to win cash and prizes just by answering simple questions. Whoever said commuting is a bore will be in for a great ride with “Jeepney Jackpot,’ which airs weekdays at 5:00PM.

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