Lexi Schulze Transitions from Lifestyle to Social Media in ‘@ANCALERTS’

For “@ANCALERTS” anchor Lexi Schulze, transitioning from lifestyle show hosting to newscasting is like adapting to the fast-changing nature of social media.

@ANCALERTS anchor Lexi Schulze

“At first I wasn’t sure what to expect. Social media is moving fast, so you have just have to go with the tide of it. You can’t slow down so much but you also want to go at your own pace. So that’s what I’m trying to do,” she said.

Lexi is the anchor of the country’s first social TV newscast “@ANCALERTS” launched last June after reporting mostly on lifestyle trends in “Cityscape” both on ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel.

“Before, I would talk about food, a spa, or a new place to vacation at. Now it’s a war or the Reproductive Health Bill and things that are actually happening. Now my orientation is a little more serious,” she revealed.

But aside from reporting heavy news or trends online, she also finds a combination of news and lifestyle where people search for the good things.

“People always look to the positive side, whether it be Manny Pacquiao congratulating Marquez for the win, or a certain feel good story about a cat being rescued,” she said.

Lexi is also aware of the potential dangers of the Internet for her seven-year old daughter. An admittedly very strict mom, she said she controls her daughter’s exposure to social media because “it’s like the new soiree.”

“There’s just too much out there and they are sponges. I’m thinking online exposure should be along the lines of teens. Every mom has a different opinion. A lot of my friends and their kids are on Facebook and they have personal accounts. But I’m sure they are monitored,” she said.

Just like other celebrities, Lexi is also no stranger to online criticism, and even bashing.

“I like the fact that it gives you a reality check because not everyone out there likes you. I read comments about me, but I’m not the type who likes to lash back. There are some celebrities who like to feed these trolls by answering, so the problem becomes bigger,” she said.

Keep updated with the hottest social media updates and trends by watching “@ANCALERTS,” anchored by Lexi Schulze and TJ Manotoc on ANC (SkyCable Channel 27) weekdays at 4:30 p.m., follow @ANCALERTS on Twitter, or like ANC 24/7 on Facebook.

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