Janine Tugonon Does a Miriam Quiambao, 1st Runner Up in Miss Universe 2012

Philippine bet Janine Tugonon matched Miriam Quiambao's 1st runner up finish in Miss Universe 1999 as she almost bag the Diamond Nexus Crown this year, won by host candidate Miss USA Olivia Culpo.

Janine Question

The coronation night of the 61st edition of Miss Universe was held at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, December 19, Thursday morning in Manila. It was hosted by Andy Cohen and Giuliana Rancic.

During the Final Question and Answer portion, Janine picked judge Nigel Barker. Here’s the transcript:

Nigel Barker: As an international ambassador, do you think speaking English is a prerequisite to being Ms Universe?

Janine Tugonon: Being Ms Universe is not just about being able to speak a language, it’s about inspiring, influencing people (crowd cheers) regardless of what language you speak, for as long as you have the heart to serve, and a strong mind, you can be Miss Universe. (crowd goes wild).

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