‘Saklolo’ Rescues Mother Forced to Look After 3 Mentally Ill Children

ABS-CBN reporters Maan Macapagal and Dominic Almelor examine the story of a woman who endured more than a decade of taking care of her three mentally ill children tomorrow (Nov 12 ) in “Pinoy True Stories: Saklolo.”

A concerned citizen approached ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya to rescue “Nanay Mildred,” a widower who has been trying to look after her three children “Abigail,” 50, “Dennis,” 46,” and “Rolan,” 43 for ten years now.

Nanay Mildred resorted to confining her three children in different huts so they could stop hurting each other. Roldan, meanwhile, has been chained so he could not hurt other people.

What caused the siblings’ mental disorders? Will Nanay Mildred come to terms with having to let go of her children?

Don’t miss “Saklolo” tomorrow (Dec 12), 4:45 PM in ABS-CBN Kapamilya Gold. Catch the other programs of “Pinoy True Stories” produced by ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs namely “Bistado” with Julius Babao on Mondays, “Engkwentro” withKaren Davila on Tuesdays, “Demandahan” with Anthony Taberna on Thursdays, and “Hiwaga” with Atom Araullo on Fridays. For updates, follow @PinoyTruStories on Twitter.

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