Newest Kapuso Cartoon ‘Paddle Pop’ Premieres on December 8

Starting December 8, GMA Network brings to Filipino homes the first Kapuso cartoon bida, Paddle Pop.

Kiddie viewers will surely love Paddle Pop because it is not just an ordinary cartoon adventure; instead, it will be a thrilling and exciting adventure series that will spark the interest of young explorers. In the series, kids will be taught that life is all about exploring and discovering new things to have fun.

The story revolves around Paddle Pop, the future king of the Lion Kingdom. He is brave, kind, a quick learner, and has the obligation to protect his Kingdom from the evil Shadow Master.

Shadow Master, the enemy of Paddle Pop hatches a new plot to rule the world. He plans to use powerful Element Lords: Fire Lord – Porcupine Monster made of magma; Earth Lord – Gigantic Mole made of rock and Water Lord – Giant Killer Whale made of water. They were originally good creatures created by the Mighty Wizards to help build cities.

However, the Wizards became greedy and abused them. The Lords got angry and almost destroyed the world. But it was King Alex, Paddle Pop Lion’s ancestor who defeated and imprisoned them.

Shadow Master released the Element Lords but failed to control them. The Element Lords leave Shadow Master and seek revenge against the Paddle Pop Kingdom.

In order to defeat the Element Lords, Paddle Pop must go to the birthplaces of the Element Lords and get the Element Ice Creams. Professor Higgabottom equips him with tools that King Alex used to defeat the Lords.

Together with his friends Liona, Rhinero, Falcona and Jaguar, they all go to the birthplaces of each of the Element Lords. In their adventure, they have to face dangerous enemies such as Giant Scorpions – Guardian Earth Element; Giant Octopus – Guardian of Water Element; Fiery Snakes – Guardian of Fire Element and Giant White Wolf – Guardian of Air Element.

Will Paddle Pop and friends defeat the Element Lords and save the Paddle Pop Kingdom? How will they save their kingdom from the evil plan of Shadow Master and the destruction of the Element Lords?

Don’t miss the action-packed adventures of Paddle Pop Elemagika starting December 8, every Saturday and Sunday, 8am on GMA.

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