‘Failon Ngayon’ Probes Causes of Heavy Traffic in the Country

Star Awards for TV Best Male Newscaster Ted Failon looks into the growing problemof traffic in the Philippines, which reportedly has the worst traffic in Asia.

According to traffic management expert Rene Santiago, the country has lost about P428.6 billion due to traffic in the previous year. He also shared that the Philippines has a road density ratio of 400 vehicles per kilometer as compared to Singapore’s 280 vehicles per kilometer.

Filipino motorists and passengers also have to deal with irresponsible bus and jeepney drivers daily, who contribute to the traffic jam. In EDSA, there are about 3,000 buses travelling daily, while there are about 60,000 to 70,000 jeepneys in the roads of Manila everyday.

Santiago predicts that in five years, the amount of travel time will double because of heavier traffic.

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