Janice de Belen Becomes Emotional When Asked About Future Wedding Plans

Actress-TV host Janice de Belen broke into tears in the special birthday interview which will be aired this Saturday (November 10) in ABS-CBN's top-rating and Twitter trending showbiz talkshow "Showbiz Inside Report."

In the special one-on-one interview by Gerald Anderson, Janice spoke about her innermost thoughts about her life being a mother, an actress, and a woman in love. But when Gerald asked about the current status of her heart and whether she has plans of getting married in the future, the top-caliber actress could not help but burst into tears.

“Maybe my real mission in this world is to be a parent,” said Janice. “Because when it comes to love, I risk everything. It’s supposed to be the best thing in the world but you have to love yourself first.”

Aside from Janice’s birthday special, also to be featured in the “Inay ng buhay ko” episode of “SIR” are actor-TV host Luis Manzano and “Aryana” tween star Ella Cruz. How did Luis’ mom, Vilma Santos, protected her from the pains of her separation with Edu Manzano? How huge is the contribution of Ella’s mom in her success?

Don’t miss the never-before-heard revelations of Janice, Luis, and Ella in the top-rating and trending showbiz talkshow of ABS-CBN, “Showbiz Inside Report,” this Saturday, 2:30pm, after “It’s Showtime.”

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