The Spirit of Christmas Begins November 12 in ‘Buti Na Lang May Pasko’

The 700 Club Asia kicks off the Christmas season with "Buti na lang May Pasko" live TV special.

What if there was no Christmas?

What if we have nothing to look forward to in December? No gift giving, no last-minute shopping, no noche buena, no family reunions, no Christmas bonus?

But more importantly, what if the first Christmas didn’t happen? How will our world find the true symbol of joy, hope and love if Jesus wasn’t born?

To these what-ifs, we can happily and thankfully declare… good thing there is Christmas! Buti na lang may Pasko!

As another Christmas season approaches, every Filipino is reminded once more of who dwells at the very core of the world’s most anticipated celebration: Jesus—the Gift that only Heaven can give! Let us unwrap and celebrate this life-changing Gift with The 700 Club Asia’s early Christmas treat: Buti Na Lang May Pasko! (#ButiNaLangMayPasko)

For five nights, The 700 Club Asia will showcase new real-life stories of individuals who experienced great miracles, genuine compassion, and inspiring life breakthroughs. To these people, it’s like Christmas every single day!

Catch this exciting live TV event of The 700 Club Asia from November 12 to 16, Monday to Friday, 11 p.m. on GMA News TV, and let’s all shout with gladness, Buti Na Lang May Pasko!

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