Mario Maurer’s Next Movie ‘Jan Dara’ is For Adults Only

Mario Maurer tackles a more mature role in the erotic period film "Jan Dara," a remake of the 2001 hit Thai movie of the same title.

Forget his boyish charm in “Suddenly It’s Magic” because Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer handles an erotically-charged role in his next outing – a period Thai movie “Jan Dara.”

The film revolves around a dysfunctional Thai family in the 1930s whose lives are greatly influenced by sex. It’s a remake of the popular Thai film in 2001 based from the erotic novel of Utsana Phleungtham.

Because of its sensitive subject matter and some nude scenes, don’t expect this one to be tagalized and be shown on ABS-CBN just like “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” It may be shown in filmfests like Cinemanila or who knows, it may be available on DVD soon.

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