‘Exorcismus’ Arrives to Your Home this November

Hailed as one of the best demonic possession movies ever, horror flick "Exorcismus" is now available on VCD and DVD formats from C-Interactive.

“Exorcismus” is a critically-acclaimed Spanish horror movie directed by Manuel Carballo and written by David Muñoz. It stars Sophie Vavasseur, Doug Bradley, Tommy Bastow and Stephen Billington. Cinematography by Javier Salmones and produced by Julio Fernández under the distribution of Filmax.

Synopsis: Secluded, home-schooled teenager Emma’s uncontrolled behaviour causes her to believe she is possessed by the Devil. When terrible things start to happen to her friends and family, her parents grudgingly call in the help of her uncle who is a priest to drive out the evil spirits.

“Exorcismus” is now available on DVD and VCD formats in music and video bars nationwide.

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