Sheena Vera Cruz and Gee Canlas – The Amazing Race Philippines

Get to know more about Sheena Vera Cruz, 27, and Gee Canlas, 24, the "reunited friends" team in the Amazing Race Philippines.

Being friends since college, Sheena and Speedy have gone through their share of ups and downs together. They share a passion for dancing, although Speedy pursued a career being a TV presenter. Sheena, on the other hand, became a member of the renowned Philippine All Stars. The bubbly duo reviewed previous seasons of The Amazing Race in other countries and agreed on two things that will help them win the game. The first is to stop over-thinking, since they still want to appreciate that things they see and the people they meet on each leg. The second is to never underestimate taxi drivers since it can mean the difference between being first and eliminated.

Will they become the first winner of “The Amazing Race Philippines” and P2-million grand prize?

Hosted by Derek Ramsay, “The Amazing Race Philippines” premieres 9:00pm tonight, October 29, and airs Monday to Fridays and 8:30pm on Saturday on TV5.

Follow their journey via TARP’s official social media accounts @Amazinf_RacePH and hashtag #AmazingRacePH on Twitter and The Amazing Race Philippines fan page on Facebook.

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