Psychic Crime-Solving in SOCO

Gus Abelgas will look into a case where a psychic was said to have talked to the spirit of a missing murder victim and helped solve the crime this Saturday (Oct 27) in “SOCO.”

A psychic named ‘Mang Karing’ was allegedly able to summon the spirit of Priscilla Alcaraz, who possessed the body of a relative and got to talk to her family. Priscilla had gone on missing for weeks.

Priscilla’s spirit, who was taking control of the relative’s body, pointed to where her body could be found, the details of how she was killed, and the suspect of the crime who was revealed to be her own boyfriend. This served as the lead of police authorities, who later found the body of Priscilla in the suspect’s home.

Watch Gus’ whole report in “SOCO: Scene of the Crime Operatives” this Saturday (Oct 27) “Showbiz Inside Report” on ABS-CBN. For updates on the program, like To watch the last three episodes of “Krusada,” visit

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