Stunning New Costumes of BB Gandanghari and Alex Gonzaga on ‘Enchanted Garden’ Revealed

After entering the forbidden garden, Michiko (BB Gandanghari) and Aya (Alex Gonzaga) made their way around the enchanting world of Eden. This time, they wear costumes that reflect their true heritage.

Designed by Bill Gustilo, these stunning costumes are inspired by medieval times and are made of exotic plants and flowers that fit their characters.

Daring and bold like her persona, Michiko’s costume was made simple yet daring with its unique mullet cut and embellishments that play up colors representing the environment: green, red and pink. Meanwhile, Aya’s costume defines youthful royalty as it was made with colorful flower ornaments and ashen sheer material.

Don’t miss out the exciting scenes and the most-awaited revelation about Michiko’s true identity. Will she remain a friend to Aya or will she turn on her? What challenges will they face in the hands of Queen Valerianna (Ruffa Gutierrez)? The biggest and the most shocking secrets will be revealed this week as the story continues in Enchanted Garden. The show airs from Monday to Friday at 6:30PM before Wil Time BigTime. The show also has a catch-up marathon every Sunday morning at 10:30AM before Game ‘N Go.

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