Lucy Liu Apologizes for Saying She Will ‘Look a Little Filipino’ with Dark Skin

Hollywood star Lucy Liu has apologized for her quip on “The Late Night Show with David Letterman” saying that she will look "a little Filipino" if she gets dark skin.

Lucy Liu appeared on “The Late Night Show” last October 11.

She was asked by David Letterman if she prefer running outside or in a machine to maintain her sexy figure. Lucy replied:

“I run in a machine, which is easier for me. Also if I get really dark, I’ll start to look a little Filipino, it wouldn’t match,” – pertaining to her role in her upcoming TV series “Elementary.”

The comment was not well-received by some Filipino netizens who opined on social networking sites that Liu is racist.

In an interview by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, the Chinese-American actress apologized and clarified that it’s not her intention to insult the Filipinos.

“I am so sorry that my comment was taken out of context, as I would never insult another group or ethnicity,” she said.

Despite the fact that some Filipino netizens expressed their outrage on Liu’s statement on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and perceived it as “racial,” a significant number thought otherwise and believe it was indeed unintentional.

Watch the controversial episode of “The Late Night Show” here:

If you watched the video further, David Letterman said “a lot of people think you’re a Filipino.”

Lucy replied “In the summertime it gets close, and I don’t want them to mistake that.”

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