Bubble Gang Presents 5 Short Films in Celebration of Its 17th Anniversary

Diego Llorico or simply, "Diego" has been part of the longest-running comedy/gag show -- "Bubble Gang" -- since time immemorial. He began as part of the production crew until arrived an opportune moment that ushered him to the front of the cameras.

This Friday, as “Bubble Gang” celebrates its 17th anniversary, Diego is set to make viewers laugh their hearts out loud by starring in a short film entitled “Sampal” written by Chito Francisco and directed by Soxie Topacio.

Diego Llorico stars in “Sampal” as the lead character, Janessa. He is joined by Antonio Aquitania, Maureen Larrazabal, Moymoy, Jackie Rice, Ellen Adarna and special guests Odette Khan, Roldan Aquino and Victor Aliwalas.

“Sampal” tells the story of Janessa, who since childhood had been receiving harsh treatment from his family in the form of slaps (sampal). One day, she meets a rich man (Victor Aliwalas) who then falls in love with her and makes her his wife. Unfortunately, death will keep the newly-wed couple apart too soon when the husband dies. But his demise was actually a blessing in disguise for Janessa as she is left with so much wealth. Now that she’s rich and powerful, she could easily get back at her cruel family. But instead of taking revenge, she does something unexpected and utterly hilarious.

“Sampal” is one of five short films that will highlight the celebration of “Bubble Gang’s” 17th year via the episode “Dis Is Siete: The Bubble Gang Anniversary Special” airing this Friday, October 19, after Inside Protege on GMA-7.

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