Lion Adopts Antelope Baby After Devouring Its Mother (Video)

Lion adopts baby antelope after eating its mother: this incredible moment was captured on camera by Dutch nature photographer Adri De Visser.

An incredible jungle story happened at the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda which was captured on camera by Dutch photographer Adri De Visser.

After an epic predator-vs-prey chase, a lioness devoured a Ugandan kob antelope. She soon discovered its baby hiding among the tall grass shaking in fear. But instead of making the helpless fawn her dessert, the beast took pity on the baby antelope and took it under her paw.

According to De Visser, the animals were soon scared off as a park ranger approached on a motorcycle. But the lioness did not leave the baby antelope behind. She picked him up by the neck and carried it off like one of its own.

The baby antelope was reportedly seen by tourist running around unharmed afterwards.

Watch the video here:

Photo: Adri De Visser

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