TODA Max Teaches the Value of Honesty this Saturday

Robin Padilla almost succumbed to smuggling due to financial problems in the sitcom “Toda Max” this Saturday (October 13).

But honesty and integrity prevailed in Binoe’s character, Tol. “Even though we’re facing financial crises, we shouldn’t resort to doing immoral acts. Honesty is still the best policy,” said Binoe.

In the sitcom, Tol was offered a promotion as a purchasing officer at the automobile repair shop where he works if he will agree to smuggle fake automobile parts. Tol informed his boss that he will think about it.

Meanwhile, Lady G (Pokwang) will force Tol’s cousin Justin (Vhong Navarro) to pay up all his debts and to be able to do so, Justin will accept boarders. Tol will disagree at first but because of their financial need, he will be left with no choice. This decision however, will spark conflict between them and their girlfriends Isabel (Angel Locsin) and Joy (Cristine Reyes).

Why do the girls hate Justin’s borders? And what will happen to Tol if he decides not to accept his boss’ offer? Find out in “Toda Max” this Saturday (October 13) after “X Factor Philippines” on ABS-CBN.

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