‘Cheesiest Pinoy Pick-Up Lines Book 2’ Arrives in Bookstores

The first book was sold out in less than 3 months. A new serving of cheesiness is now available in bookstores nationwide!

The cheesiest and funniest pick-up lines that became part of Pinoy pop culture are now compiled in two servings, Book 1 and Book 2!

“Cheesiest Pinoy Pick-Up Lines” has been sold out in 3 months and now in the process of reprinting. For the mean time, a new serving of fresh pick-up lines arrives in bookstores. “Cheesiest Pinoy Pick-Up Lines Book 2″ offers new variety of quips like the following:

“MERMAID ka ba?
– Kasi, ‘MERMAID’ for each other eh.”

“Ikaw ba si SADAKO?
– Kasi, kapag wala ka, ‘SAD AKO’!”

“Basketball Player ka ba?
– Kasi, lagi ka na lang nag-co-crossover sa puso ko, eh.”

The above are just examples of the cheesiest, funniest and most endearing pick-up lines that have been part of Pinoy pop culture.
Say it to your crush, text it to someone you love or read it for enjoyment, these pick-up lines are guaranteed the cheesiest and funniest of them all!

Product Details:

Title: Cheesiest Pinoy Pick-Up Lines Book 2
Size: 4″ x 6″ (portrait)
Binding: Softcover
Category: Humor and Leisure
No. of pages: 84
ISBN 10: 971-0453-38-6
ISBN 13: 978-971-0453-38-2
SRP: P59.95/copy

“Cheesiest Pinoy Pick-up Lines” are now available in all branches of National Bookstore and Powerbooks nationwide.

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