Exotic Pet Lovers in ‘Matanglawin’ this Sunday

Join Kuya Kim as he visits the homes of animal lovers who prefer exotic and possibly dangerous animals such as lizards, snakes, scorpions and even crocodiles this Sunday (Oct 7) in “Matanglawin.”

One of them is rock star Tutti Caringal of band 6 Cycle Mind who will share with Kuya Kim the story of how a visit to a tattoo artist turned him into an avid lover of 24 tarantulas.

The country’s Trivia King is also out to prove that being an exotic animal lover knows no limits as he interviews the father-daughter tandem of Peewee and Trisha Nicolas, who bond together by taking care of snakes. As early as three years old, Trisha was already taught by her dad how to handle snakes.

Unlike Trisha, some exotic animal lovers start out later just like Rey Lazaro. But that doesn’t make him less of an animal lover because even before he takes care of himself, he makes sure that his morning routine begins by checking on his exotic monitor lizards.

The same goes for animal lover Tyrone Duran who owns not just lizards, snakes, and hedgehogs, but also an Arabian Spiny Mouse, one of the only two of its kind in the country.

Don’t miss multi-awarded education program “Matanglawin” this Sunday (Oct 7), 9:15 AM on ABS-CBN.

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