JC de Vera Plays a Home-Grown Vampire in ‘Third Eye’

Hunky Kapatid star JC de Vera found a role he can’t wait to sink his teeth into—literally.

This week on Third Eye, the former Valiente star takes the role of a ‘mandurugo’. In Philippine folklore, the mandurugo possess the same blood-sucking attributes of a vampire. But unlike your run-of-the-mill vampire, this mandurugo has a deep secret and a haunting story. It’s up to the team led by Eula Cabellero and Lorna Tolentino to uncover that mystery.

Aside from JC’s unique portrayal, fans of the show will also get to see how Cassandra (Eula Caballero) and Lucas’ (Daniel Matsunaga) relationship will grow. Will Lucas’ affection towards Cassandra interfere in their quest to find Cassandra’s missing boyfriend (Victor Silayan)?

Watch out for this new exciting episode of Third Eye, September 23, 9:30PM on TV5.

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