KC Concepcion Now has a Star Named After Her

KC Concepcion revealed on "The Buzz" last Sunday that she has a French suitor who named a star (via the international star registry) after her.

KC Concepcion‘s suitor is 29-year-old French photographer and filmmaker Pierre Emmanuel Plassart who reportedly comes from a well-to-do family that has a supermarket empire in France. She met him during an international event and the filmmaker is now in the Philippines to visit her.

The X Factor Philippines host revealed on “The Buzz” that Plassart flew all the way from France to the Philippines to surprise her saying one of the stars is now named after her.

“Eh nasa Boracay kami so we were looking at the sky. Tapos sabi niya first time daw niyang makita ‘yung mga stars sa sky, sa beach dito sa Philippines. Sabi niya, ‘One of those is yours,” KC said.

Despite being baffled by the romantic gesture of her French suitor, KC said he has yet to win her heart completely because her career is her current priority for now.

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