Britney Booze Ban Effective at ‘X Factor’ Vicinity

Britney booze ban, ridiculous right? Yes, Britney Spears indeed banned alcohol backstage at 'X Factor' or anywhere near her.

Britney Spears admitted that accepting the “X Factor” job from Simon Cowell was not easy but she’s also having a good time in the show. This is the reason why she made her team ban booze in the vicinity to make sure that she will not be tempted to drink again.

According to a report by US Magazine, Britney’s representatives said in a note: “Very important. We require you to empty minibars of all alcohol. And no gifts of wine or any other alcoholic beverages, please.”

The second season of “The X Factor USA” premiered on Wednesday night with Britney joining Demi Lovato, L.A. Reid, and Simon Cowell in the judging panel.

The pop star showed she’s a tough judge and by the way the pilot kicked of with the Austin auditions, Britney could be considered this season’s hardest judge.

Critics say the “Oops! I Did It Again” singer is really into it and that’s why she’s doing all she can, even the booze ban, in order to accomplish this endeavor.

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