One Minute Movie Review: ‘ParaNorman’

"ParaNorman" is a cutting edge stop-motion animated feature that could make an Oscar-upset for Disney Pixar next year.


Main Cast: Anna Kendrick, Casey Affleck, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, John Goodman, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Leslie Mann
Supporting Cast: Jeff Garlin, Jodelle Ferland, Leslie Mann, Tucker Albrizzi
Director: Chris Butler, Sam Fell
Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Distributed locally by: Ayala Cinemas
MTRCB Rating: GP

Movie Info: The new 3D stop-motion comedy thriller from animation company LAIKA, reteaming the company with Focus Features after the groundbreaking Academy Award-nominated Coraline. ParaNorman is, following Coraline, the company’s second stop-motion animated feature to be made in 3D. In ParaNorman, a small town comes under siege by zombies. Who can it call? Only misunderstood local boy Norman (Kodi Smit-McPhee), who is able to speak with the dead. In addition to the zombies, he’ll have to take on ghosts, witches and, worst, of all, grown-ups, to save his town from a centuries-old curse. But this young ghoul whisperer may find his paranormal activities pushed to their otherworldly limits. –Focus

The Positive: This film has the edge in many aspects: sophisticated stop-motion, intelligent script, spooky plotline, stylish humor, and wonderful climax.

ParaNorman is a big threat for Disney-Pixar’s Brave for Best Animated Feature come Oscars 2013.

The Negative: The outcast-kid-turns-hero story line may not be a fresh concept but because of its superior production, we can easily overlook this flaw.




“ParaNorman” trailer:

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