Hope for an HIV Patient and a 6-Year-Old Boy Who Stands 78cm in ‘Wish Ko Lang!’

For 43-year-old former teacher Rolando Penaredondo, his days as an esteemed teacher in a number of universities in Manila now seemed nothing but a figment of a time long gone after he was diagnosed with the dreaded Human Immunodeficiency virus or HIV.

Due to his illness, Rolando shut himself off from the world. What saddens him all the more is the thought of not being able to take care of his family as much as he did before. Is there still hope for Rolando despite his illness?

Meanwhile, in Lingayen, Pangasinan, one can find 6-year-old Nonong Reyes, who despite his age, only stands at 78 centimeters.

But his height never really kept him from leading a normal life. Nonong is now a Grade 1 student of Sabangan Elementary School. His mother’s only wish is for him to be given a special chair—built especially for his tiny size.

Will Nonong finally get his chair? What lies ahead for Rolando? Catch these inspiring stories in Wish Ko Lang with host Vicky Morales this Saturday after Pinoy Adventures on GMA-7.

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