Congratulations to 8 Winners of our ‘The Hunger Games’ Promo!

After more than 3,000 raffle entries, 8 winners were selected electronically by Rafflecopter (powered by Are you one of them?

The 4 winners of “The Hunger Games” Double-Disc DVD and “The Hunger Games” ID Necklace are:

#2347: Karl Addison R. Pira
#2666: Erika Dominguez Arabit
#0607: Roidz de Guiño
#1579: Marciano Marz Teoxon

The 4 winners of “The Hunger Games” T-Shirt and “The Hunger Games” Steel Bottle are:

#3125: MariaLea Ducay
#1176: Jowell Bolinao
#2936: Celes Bosea
#0220: FrederickGidz Mendoza DeVera

Winners, please check your direct messages on Facebook with instructions on how to verify your entries.

For more information on “The Hunger Games” DVD, visit and

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