Cory Quirino on Controversial Result of Miss World: ‘I can only respect and abide by the decision of the judges’

Cory Quirino shared her two cents regarding the controversial win of host delegate, Miss China, in the recently-concluded Miss World pageant.

Pageant enthusiasts around the world have been questioning the result of this year’s Miss World pageant where China won the title at home for the second time. Yu Wenxia was crowned in Inner Mongolia, China last August 18. She’s the second Chinese to win Miss World. The first was Zhang Zilin in 2007 when the pageant was held in Sanya, China.

Furthermore, netizens are skeptical why on earth our representative Queenierich Rehman lost the Talent award from Miss China. Rehman blew everyone away when she performed a singing-and-beatboxing routine during the talent competition in Miss World which was featured in global news websites like AOL, TIME, Huffinton Post, among others. Whereas Miss China simply sang a boring opera-ish song with couple of pitch problems.

Another controversy is the non-announcement of the World Fashion Designer Award where Queenierich’s stunning Michael Cinco gown was a clear frontrunner.

Does it boil down to the political tension between China and Philippines over the Scarborough Shoal?

In an interview by Yahoo! Philippines, Miss World Philippines director Cory Quirino admitted that the thought came to her mind.

“I confess I was weighing the consequences of sending our candidate to seemingly unfriendly ‘political’ territory,” she said.

“As a country director for Miss World PH, this was a valid concern. The overriding consideration is my belief that Miss World is beyond politics,” she said.

Meanwhile, Cory Quirino‘s GQ Global Quest Inc. and broadcast partner TV5 are working on bringing the Miss World pageant in the Philippines by 2015. Secretary Ramin Jimenez of the Department of Tourism vowed his support to this endeavor.

Next year, Miss World is going to be held in Bali, Indonesia.

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