‘Little Piolo’ Reunites with Ella Cruz in ‘Aryana’

Due to insistent public demand, Ella Cruz and her former onscreen partner Francis Magundayao will be reunited in the top-rating fantaserye “Aryana.”

The two first teamed-up and gained instant popularity in the ABS-CBN defunct primetime show “Dahil sa Pag-ibig” where they played as the young Piolo Pascual and young Cristine Reyes.

“I was very excited when they told me that Francis will be part of the story,” Ella said, adding “A lot of fans were requesting to include him in ‘Aryana’ because they really missed our love team in ‘Dahil sa Pag-ibig.”

The primetime tween mermaid added that she was very impressed with Francis’ talent in acting when they were working together in the said drama series. “He is really good in acting. He can make TV viewers cry and fall in love at the same time,” the primetime princess shared.

When asked who among Francis, Dom Roque, and Paul Salas is closest to her in real life, Ella said that her three leading men are all her friends. “I am close to the three of them. Dom is the one who always gives me advice, while Francis and Paul are my comic buddies. We are already like a barkada because we always bond during tapings,” said Ella.

Meanwhile, continue to follow “Aryana’s” magical ‘tail’ especially now that a new boy (Francis) is going to enter in her life. Who is he? What will be his role in Aryana’s life? How will he affect Aryana’s friendship with Marlon (Paul) and Hubert (Dom)?

Don’t miss “Aryana,” weeknights, on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida, before “TV Patrol.”

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