Miss Philippines Hits Global Headlines for Beatboxing Talent

Our very own Queenierich Rehman, PHL's bet to the 2012 Miss World pageant, has been featured on TIME and the Huffington Post for her unique talent.

The video of Queenierich doing a sing-and-beatboxing routine during the finals of Miss World talent competition is getting viral. As of this writing, it already accumulated 128,800 hits on YouTube.

But wait, there’s more! No less than and the Huffington Post featured the Philippine delegate to the Miss World 2012 pageant in their article.

Tim Newcomb of has one thing to say to Queenierich: “She sure can drop a beat.” And to the rest of the contestants, he said: “consider the mic dropped.”

Meanwhile, The Huffington Post described Queenierich as “one hell of a beatboxer” who may singlehandedly “make talent acts cool with her wildly impressive skillz.”

Watch the viral video here:

One contestant will get the chance to perform live during the coronation night on August 18 and we all know by now that it should be Queenierich and nobody else.

If you like the video, then might as well “LIKE” Queenierich’s Official Facebook Page. She will gain additional points in the Miss World scoreboard if she wins the multimedia award via accumulating the most “LIKES” on Facebook.

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