One Minute Movie Review: ‘Just One Summer’

The infectious chemistry between Elmo Magalona and Julie Ann San Jose plus a strong supporting cast make "Just One Summer" not just a "kilig" romantic movie but also an engaging family drama at the same time.


Main Cast: Elmo Magalona, Julie Anne San Jose
Supporting Cast: Alice Dixson, Cherry Pie Picache, Joel Torre, Buboy Garovillo, Ms. Gloria Romero
Director: Mac Alejandre
Genre: Romance, Drama, Family
Released by: GMA Films
MTRCB Rating: GP

Movie Info: A privileged young man is forced to spend summer vacation with his estranged father in order to get parental consent to study abroad. There she meets a girl who works in his father’s farm. While he falls in love with the farm girl, he also come to terms with his father that he used to hate so much for leaving his mother.

The Positive: Just One Summer succeeds in two ways: as a “kilig” teen movie and as a family drama. While all the elements that we want to see in a romantic film are present–the scenes that generated deafening screams from fans–there’s also an emotional arc about Elmo’s character and his relationship with his father.

Elmo Magalona as Nyel exudes the anger his role needs. He holds the film’s steering wheel because the story revolves around his character. I must say his performance is not bad for a big screen lead debut. Julie Anne San Jose, on the other hand, is effective in her role as a “probinsyana.” Her charm is infectious and blends very well to Elmo’s character.

Julie and Elmo are credible as a romantic couple. Their characters going through ridiculous things are unforgettable. They are also fortunate to have a very strong supporting cast which consists of Joel Torre, Cherry Pie Picache, Alice Dixson, Buboy Garovillo and Ms. Gloria Romero.

What I like about the movie is that it doesn’t take itself so seriously. While it delivers an emotional dose of pure sentiment about family issues, it also achieves its unpretentious goals as a “kilig” movie in a likable fashion.

The Negative: Elmo’s character has melodramatic twists. Thanks to Joel Torre who supplemented the scenes where Elmo needs more emotional depth.




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