Mylene Dizon’s Character in ‘MMK’ Befriends Her Husband’s Mistress

Award-winning actress Mylene Dizon topbills “Maalaala Mo Kaya” this Saturday (August 18) as she portrays the role of Flor, a devoted wife, mother, and daughter-in-law who did everything to keep her family complete.

Deeply in love with her husband Tony (Jake Roxas), Flor remained kindhearted and caring to her mother-in-law, Lagring (Daria Ramirez) even after she found out that the grandmother of her sons did not really like her. But a day came when Flor found the courage to fight back when Lagring tried to physically hit her. Unfortunately after the incident, Tony took the side of her mom and ousted Flor from their house and kept the kids away from their mother.

After more than a year, Flor decided that it was time for her to go back. But instead of being happily reunited with his children, Flor learned that her husband found himself a new ‘wife’ and mother to their children—Tony’s other woman, Sylvia (Aubrey Miles). Despite everything, Flor did not give up and went to see her kids almost every day that she eventually became friends with Sylvia. How much should a wife and mother sacrifice just to rebuild her family? What will push a wife to befriend her husband’s mistress?

Together with Mylene, Aubrey, Daria, and Jake in this week’s “MMK” episode are Deydey Amansec, Veronica Louise Bernardo, Steven Fermo, and Alexa Ilacad. It was researched by Akeem del Rosario, written by Benson Logronio, and directed by Rechie del Carmen and Nick Olanka.

Don’t miss another heavy family drama episode in “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK) this Saturday, after “Wansapantaym.”

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