Ella Cruz Sacrifices 16th Birthday Party to Help Flood Victims

“Aryana” lead star Ella Cruz recently called off her grand 'Sweet 16' celebration to help the victims of the widespread flood that hit the Philippines.

“We originally planned to have a big party for my 16th birthday. But because of what happened to our Kapamilyas, I thought that it would be better to help and share my blessings to the flood victims,” Ella shared. “Instead of spending money for my party, I’ve decided to donate it and buy relief goods so at least I could make a lot of people happy for my birthday.”

When asked about her birthday wish, Ella said that she has already received a lot of blessings in her life. “ABS-CBN has already granted my wish and has even given me the things that I was not asking for. I am very thankful to the Kapamilya Network because they made all my dreams come true,” she said.

In fact, according to Ella, she has already received a special birthday gift earlier this month as ABS-CBN confirmed the extension of her top-rating fantaserye “Aryana” until January 2013.

“I’m overwhelmed because I never expected that ‘Aryana’ will be extended and that TV viewers will love our show this much. I’m very thankful for all the fans who have been supporting the magical ‘tail’ of Aryana,” said Ella.

Meanwhile, like Ella’s busy showbiz career, “Aryana’s” plot intensifies even more as Neptuna (Desiree del Valle) becomes closer in capturing the tween mermaid. How will Aryana’s life change when she ends up in the hands of Neptuna? Will she be able to escape and return to her family? What will Ofelia (Pokwang) do to get Aryana back from the woman who casted a spell on her?

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