Queenierich Makes It to Top 5 of Miss World Talent Competition

Miss Philippines Queenierich Rehman breezed her way to the Top 5 of Miss World 2012 talent competition after performing a sing-and-beatbox number.

From 24 to 15 finalists, now the Top 5 were selected in the talent competition of Miss World 2012.

They are (in order of announcement):

NORWAY – singing

PHILIPPINES – singing/beatboxing

JAMAICA – dancing

PANAMA – singing

CHINA – singing

One of them will be chosen to perform during the coronation night. I hope it’s Queenie and not the hometown girl.

Here’s how the Miss World website described Queenierich’s performance:

Now for something very unique, our first beat boxer with just a mike. Philippines, in a slinky black fringed catsuit sings the opening lines of a ballad and THEN…..

it sounds as if a drum machine has come on, but NO! it’s her!! Drum beats, remixing noises, scratching and beeping noises! She does it all! The tempo picks up, everyone is astounded, they’re going mad!! She breaks into Usher’s Yeah! which goes down so well. She hits us with some actual drumrolls and drops her voice onto a growl. Jaws hit the floor and the crowd go wild!

Right after the talent event, Queenie posted the following on her Facebook account:

To have an idea on Queenie’s performance, check out her stint in Bb. Pilipinas last year showcasing her beatboxing talent:


It’s interesting to note that Miss Philippines (Queenie) and Miss China have been neck and neck ever since the pageant began in Ordos, Mongolia. Both are the only Asian delegates to have made it as finalists in Beach Beauty, Top Model and Talent competition. They are considered the top 2 contestants from Asia that will most likely enter the semi-finals.

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