Iza Calzado, Red Hot Endorser of Kennys’ Red Hot Roast

Wickedly Spicy, Deliciously Healthy! This is the slogan of Kenny Rogers latest offering, the Kenny Red Hot Roast!

Kenny’s Red Hot Roast is the newest flavor of Kenny Rogers’ immensely popular wood-fired rotisserie chicken. Why Red Hot? It’s a flavorful roast chicken made spicy by the addition of lots of chilies. Kinda like tongue-burning-Mexican-spicy so be sure you have a cold glass of beverage on the side. After tasting it, it’s three times hotter than the regular spicy-flavored roast and the flavor really tastes like heaven!

In time for the launch of Kenny’s Red Hot Roast is the introduction of their latest endorser, red hot sexy actress herself–Iza Calzado!

Iza joins football superstars Phil and James Younghusband as Kenny Rogers’ brand ambassadors. Have you seen the billboard yet?

In line with the launch of Kenny’s Hot Roast are three new side dishes…

  • Tex Mex Macaroni – perfectly cooked macaroni in a meaty tomato sauce and creamy cheddar cheese.
  • Tomato Salsa – A flavorful blend of chopped tomatoes, garlic, and onion with cilantro.
  • Tropical Fruit Salad – Chunks of pineapple, melon, red apples, and honeydew (or green apple)tossed in light syrup.

And of course, the Kenny Rogers’ Burrito and Spicy Chicken Wrap.

Call 555-9000 for Kenny’s deliciously healthy delivery. For more details on Kenny Rogers mouthwatering food choices, log on to or like their Facebook page.

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