Brazilian Breaks Medal, Demands for A Replacement

Brazilian breaks Olympic medal in the shower, wants another one.

Brazilian Felipe Kitadai has just won the Olympic bronze medal in Judo’s 60kg category on Saturday. He was so excited for his Olympic medal that he wears it everywhere he goes, even in the shower.

While taking a bath, the Brazilian athlete dropped the medal. The part holding the medal’s string broke, and he can no longer wear it around his neck.

He’s now fighting to have it replaced.

Despite the fact that the International Olympic Committee has no obligation to the winners after the medals have been awarded to them, the Brazilian contingent said they will still request a new medal for Kitadai.

TRIVIA: The London Olympics medal has a Nike with Panathinaiko Stadium in the background design on the front and the River Thames and the London Games logo with angled lines in the background on the back.

The Gold medal is composed of 550 grams of silver covered with 6 grams of pure gold and costs approximately $800 each. The Silver medal has the same composition as the Gold medal but without the gilding. It costs approximately $500 each. The Bronze Medal, on the other hand, is composed mostly of copper with some tin and zinc. It only costs $3 each.

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