Queenierich Enters Various Top Lists After Week 1 of Miss World 2012

Miss Philippines Queenierich Rehman is now under the radar of international pageant experts after making it to the Talent and Top Model finals of Miss World 2012.

[Queenierich’s gown during the MW opening ceremony]

Thanks to the fabulous gowns and cocktail dresses provided by the country’s top fashion designers which helped Queenierich stand out from more than 100 delegates.

Furthermore, Queenierich is now being regarded as the second strongest delegate from Asia (next to Miss China) after getting noticed during the MW Talent and Top Model auditions where she is now one of the finalists. Needless to say, her sensational beatboxing number received standing ovation from the judges.

[Queenierich with other Asian delegates]

In the Multimedia Award, Queenie is also among the front-runners. She’s running 3rd behind Misses Vietnam and Nepal with regards to the most number of ‘likes’ in the Official Facebook Fan Page.

Furthermore, Queenierich is also in her element in the next two fast-track events: The Beach Beauty and Sportswomen. Why? She’s Best in Swimsuit in both Bb. Pilipinas and Miss World Philippines. And with regards to sports, she’s a basketball MVP.

As a proof that our delegate is doing very well, Queenierich enters the Top 30 list of Globalbeauties and Top 25 list of Missosology:


Top 3: China, Colombia, Israel

Top 7: Australia, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine

Top 15: Brazil, France, Paraguay, Philippines, South Sudan, United States, Venezuela, Wales

Top 30: Belarus, Chile, Cote d’Ivoire, Czech Republic, Guadeloupe, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Netherlands, Poland, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey


1. Mexico
2. Colombia
3. Netherlands
4. Wales
5. Tanzania
6. China
7. Turkey
8. Russia
9. Israel
10. Vietnam
11. Paraguay
12. Brazil
13. USA
14. Puerto Rico
15. Martinique
16. Chile
17. France
18. EQ
19. Seychelles
20. Honduras
21. Macau
22. Argentia
23. Philippines
24. Poland
25. Singapore

Photo Credit: Queenierich’s Official Facebook Page for Miss World

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