Helen Gamboa Says Husband Tito Sotto Despises His Wicked Role in ‘Walang Hanggan’

Phenomenal TV drama "Walang Hanggan" remains to be the undisputed no. 1 TV program in the country today as proven by the latest data of Kantar Media last Friday (July 20), when it garnered a national TV rating of 37.7%, compared to its rival program in GMA, "Makapiling Kang Muli," which only got 15.5%.

According to veteran actress Helen Gamboa, who is popularly known now as Doña Margaret, because of the show’s phenomenal success, even her husband Senator Tito Sotto gets carried away with the wickedness of her character. “Tito feels sorry for Ate Henya (Susan Rocess) because of my role’s snobbish attitude,” Helen said. “I always tell him that those things are required in the scenes.”

Helen further shared that like the avid viewers of their drama series, Helen’s kids are also in awe of her very convincing portrayal. “My children laugh at me when they watch the show because I am very different from Margaret; but they are very proud of me that I’m doing my role very well,” she narrated.

Meanwhile, Jean Bonifacio/Black Lily (Eula Valdes) slowly reveals her true identity as the plot of “Walang Hanggan” continues to thicken. What will Marco (Richard Gomez), Emily (Dawn Zulueta), Daniel (Coco Martin), and Katerina (Julia Montes) do when they find out that the one who is seeking revenge from them is Jane (Rita Avila)? How will the prostitute (Wendy Valdez) change Nathan’s (Paulo Avelino) life?

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