Chef Sharwin Tee Inspired by Brand New Curiosities

Sharwin Tee, winner of Lifestyle Network's celebrity chef search “Clash of the Toque-n Ones” is taking culinary arts in a new and exciting direction during the second season of his appetizing show, “Curiosity Got The Chef”.

On its new installment, he will explore the endless possibilities of cooking and turn seemingly innocent and contrasting ingredients and put them together to develop fresh and mouth-watering delights that will not only surprise the mind but also the tastebuds.

When asked why Sharwin took this approach to his show, he stated “Curiosity will breed inspiration.” This has formed the premise for “Curiosity Got the Chef” in which boundaries are brushed aside and conventional cooking is sneered at in attempt to explore the world of food. Through the themes of each show, it is asked “What if we do this? What if we do that? What if we do this to this particular ingredient?”

Mind blowing food is but one of the rewards provided by the show, coupled with an abundance of new experiences with different ingredients, creating delicious meals that aren’t intimidating.

“I’ve always believed that the more things you add to the dish, the greater the chance that you will fail.” Sharwin said, sharing his cooking philosophy that everything should be kept simple and fresh.

Not only does Sharwin make it possible to create tasty meals with simple ingredients, but he also ensures that it is in reach of the viewers, unintimidating and accessible in your very own kitchen, so that you at home can take the reins of your own cooking and serve up a banquet that will drop jaws and entice appetites.

Inspired by the works of Stephen Yan of the popular cooking “Wok With Yan” during the 80’s, Sharwin’s dream of becoming a celebrity chef came to fruition and he has used the styles of his idol to spark his own unique take on presentation. Following Yan’s style, the show will have its own quirks to show that cooking doesn’t need to be bland and stale and that inspiration and creativity are just around the corner.

Sharwin is inviting fans, fellow chefs and those with a prowess for cooking to join him, promising “More fun, more laughter and more enjoyment” and a “power up” from the first season which has already managed to captivate the tastebuds of many adoring viewers.

Season 2 of “Curiosity Got the Chef” will premiere on Wednesday, July 25 at 9:30pm, hotly anticipated and only available on the Lifestyle Network. It will continue every Wednesday at 9:30pm, with replays on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays and Tuesday nights. Lifestyle Network is aired on SkyCable channel 52. For programming schedules and updates, like their Facebook page at

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