National Costume of Miss Australia in Miss World 2012 Criticized

As the Miss World 2012 pageant begins in Mongolia, controversies will never be far behind. First to hit the headlines is the national costume of Miss Australia.

The Aboriginal culture-inspired bodysuit for Jessica Kahawaty, Australia’s candidate to the Miss World 2012 pageant, has been criticized by fashion experts, according to a report by

Project Runway Australia mentor–Alex Perry–said it looked more circus than serious fashion.

“I never knew Egyptian sea urchins were Australian? The creators of Avatar called, they want their catsuit back,” he said.

Project Runway runner-up and Melbourne bridalwear designer Craig Braybrook described it as “Avatar going to the beach in a red sarong.”

In the defense of designer Julie Sufi, she said the outfit was inspired by Aboriginal art.

“It was a bit hard determining what a national costume is because we don’t have one,” Ms. Sufi said.

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