The Plot Thickens in ‘Two Wives’

The much-awaited face off between the Yvonne and Janine happens this Friday (July 20) in weekday mornings’ Korean drama series “Two Wives.”

Yvonne is all set to fire back at the woman who destroyed her marriage and family. She organizes a ‘divorce party’ where the unknowing Janine will provide the flower arrangements. Janine doesn’t know that it was Yvonne who personally placed the orders at her shop since the latter underwent a make-over. Both Janine and Victor will be in for a big surprise as Yvonne finally confronts her husband’s mistress. Don’t miss “Two Wives” this Friday (July 20), 10 AM, before “Be Careful with My Heart” on ABS-CBN.

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  1. of couse yvone will win

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