‘Aparisyon’ Starring Jodi Sta. Maria and Mylene Dizon – Cinemalaya 2012

Vincent Sandoval's "Aparisyon" starring Jodi Sta. Maria and Mylene Dizon is a finalist in the New Breed category of 2012 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.

Aside from Sta. Maria and Dizon, also starring in “Aparisyon” are Fides Cuyogan-Asencio, Racquel Villavicencio, and Rustica Carpio.

The Vincent Sandoval entry explores, in a historical-fiction narrative, the Philippine religious women’s shifting perception of their societal roles during the volatile political climate of early 1970s Philippines.

Here is the synopsis of the film:

Unsettled by the stirring of a political conciousness among the nuns in her monastery, a mother superior finds herself in a morally conflicted position after one of the young nuns falls victim to an act of violence.

“Aparisyon” will have its red-carpet premiere at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on July 26, at 6:15pm.

Watch the trailer here:

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