LUV U’s ‘CJeli’ Love Team is Getting Popular

The team up of Angeli Gonzales and CJ Navato, coined as the “CJeli”, has grown viral over social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and has spurred rumors that their relationship, like their team up in “LUV U” is growing steady.

Angeli just laughed at the spreading rumors, “We’re really good friends. We enjoy each other’s company especially on the set,” said Angeli.

Both CJ and Angeli confirmed that their focus is more on their studies and work.

Meanwhile on “LUV U”, April (Angeli) found out that the perfume she saw inside Boom’s (CJ) bag wasn’t meant for her. Boom gave it to Pia (Trina) instead.

What will happen to April and Boom’s relationship? Can Boom still get out of the mess he created?

Find out on “LUV U”, this Sunday (July 8) after “ASAP 2012” on ABS-CBN. Be updated on the latest happening by following @LUVUBarkada on Twitter and like the official Facebook page:

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