Poll: Who Should Win PBB Teen Edition 4?

Who among Joj and Jai, Karen, Myrtle, and Roy deserves to be named as the next Teen Big Winner?

The Big Four

Joj and Jai Agpangan: “Double Bida ng Bacolod”

Karen Reyes: “Hagihik Chick ng Mindoro”

Myrtle Sarrosa: “Cosplay Cutie ng Iloilo”

Roy Requejo: “Boy Sipag ng Naga”

Who will follow the footsteps of Kim Chiu (PBB Teen Edition 1 winner), Ejay Falcon (PBB Teen Edition 2 winner) and James Reid (PBB Teen Edition 3 winner)?

In your opinion, who SHOULD win PBB Teen Edition 4?

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