Jolina Magdangal Talks About Marvin Agustin and Other Men Who Almost Became Her BF

During her recent Live Chat session via GMA Network's website, singer-actress and soon-to-be Protege mentor Jolina Magdangal revealed that her long-time "reel life" partner Marvin Agustin came close to becoming her boyfriend.

Jolina didn’t escape Marvin-related questions sent online by die-hard fans of the Marvin Agustin – Jolina Magdangal love team, which had its roots in their teenage days.

According to Jolina, among those who were paired with her in past projects, Marvin Agustin was the one who came closest to becoming her boyfriend. Although she clarified that they never became real-life lovers.

Jolina also revealed other male stars who made “paramdam” to her when she was younger. Among them were Victor Neri, Onemig Bondoc and Gio Alvarez.

When Jolina and boyfriend Mark Escueta got married in November 2011, Marvin Agustin — according to Jolina — was invited but he was not able to attend the ceremonies. Jolina until now does not know why Marvin didn’t attend her wedding. But if fans of their long-ago-defunct love team are thinking that the reason is because Marvin is still hurting, they are most probably wrong. Marvin and Jolina have long ago moved on from their love team.

Slumbook questions

During the Live Chat, Jolina was also asked several slumbook-type questions, which she eagerly answered. Here are some of those questions (with her answers):

1. Favorite song?
“I’m in love with you.” This is one of the songs sung during her wedding.

2. Stars she wants to work with in a film/TV project (again)?
Vilma Santos, Dolphy, Maricel Soriano and Roderick Paulate (in a dramatic role)

3. If you are given a chance to become a superhero, what kind of power would you choose to have?
Gusto ko yung nakakapagbigay or nakakapag-extend ako ng buhay ng isang tao. At kung sakali man gusto kong bigyan ng chance pang mabuhay lalo na yung mga namatay sa aksidente.

4. Most beautiful stars?
Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes

5. Favorite Snack Food?
Isaw at Fishball

6. Favorite show?
Personalan. Gustung-gusto ko kasing pinapanood every episode na hino-host ko kasi gusto kong makita kung paano ko na-hahandle yung buong episode.

7. Favorite Movie?
The Notebook

8. Favorite Cartoon Character?
Hello Kitty

9. Favorite Place?
Memory Lane (her Family’s restaurant) in Tagaytay.

10. Unforgettable childhood memory?
Noong elementary pa ako. Tinakasan ko yung guard ng school namin kasi gusto ko nang umuwi. Tapos naaalala ko noon nakikinood ako ng TV sa kapit-bahay namin kasi yung TV nila colored samantalang yung sa amin ay black-and-white lang.

Watch Jolina Magdangal on weekday afternoons in “My Daddy Dearest” (5:30pm on GMA-7) and weeknights in “Personalan” (7:30pm on GMA News TV Channel 11). Also, Jolina is one of the mentors in GMA-7’s upcoming artist search “Protege: The Battle for the Big Artista Break” airing this August.

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