Jillian Ward and Mona Louise Rey Shine Together in ‘Luna Blanca’

Some people are wondering how come none between child stars Jillian Ward and Mona Louise Rey seems to have a clear advantage in terms of star power. The answer is simple: they can’t be compared.

They are two different talents and personalities, both having separate individual strengths that make them lovable acts in their own right.

The two are currently starring in the first book of GMA-7’s “Luna Blanca”, a fantasy-drama sequel to Luna Mystika which aired in 2008. Here, Jillian plays the dark-skinned Luna, while Mona portrays the fair-colored Blanca.

Fans and critics agree that it was a good decision to pair the stars of “Trudis Liit” and “Munting Heredera,” respectively. Both GMA Artist Center kid wonders turned out as complementing one another, as opposed to upstaging each other out.

Jillian, with her obviously improved acting stance as part of her natural growth and professionalism even at a young age, is getting the sympathy of the viewers easily for playing an underdog-type character. But her role is truly challenging, as she needs to make extra effort in appearing bright while in front of the camera painted in black.

Mona, with her strong grip on playing dramatic roles, equally gets the nod for handling her characterization with grace and beauty. She delivers Blanca with instinctive force, as if she’s just being as she is, pretty and mild-mannered. Yet she is up for the challenge to keep herself in same footing with her more striking counterpart. As her skin-color suggests, she lights up the screen with her mere presence.
In “Luna Blanca,” the two are twins who care for each other in spite of their difference in looks as resulting from some supernatural cause. A third twin in the form of a shadow makes the sisterhood extra mysterious and magical.

Off camera, Jillian and Mona are likewise contrasting forces. Jillian is flamboyant, the immediate life of the party. Mona is the quiet one, but strongly introspective with a magnetic presence.

The two recently went to Enchanted Kingdom and spent time with some of their fans; as well as promoted Luna Blanca which began airing last May. They were a likable duo, not one to top each other but rather, separate talents empowered as one.

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