Jason Farol Makes It to the Top 5 and Live Shows of ‘Duets’

Fil-Am singer Jason Farol survived another elimination and made it to the live shows of the ABC reality singing competition "Duets."

Jason Farol sang “Come What May” with Kelly Clarkson during the fifth episode of “Duets.”

Farol placed 6th and last on the leaderboard for this performance and had to sing for his life against his fellow bottom two–Jordan Meredith–who happens to be another protege of Clarkson.

Farol sang “Mamma Knows Best” while Meredith sang “And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going.” Watch the two contestants fight for the Top 5 slot here:

The Fil-Am singer survived the elimination and made it to the live shows as one of the Top 5 contestants remaining.

Next week, Farol will continue his journey and compete against Bridget Carrington, Olivia Crisholm, John Glossin and J Rome.

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