Katy Perry – ‘Wide Awake’ Music Video

"Wide Awake" is the latest single of Katy Perry, taken from the re-release of her second studio album Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection.

The video starts with Perry shooting a scene for the “California Gurls” video, getting applause and going to her dressing room. She then takes off her wig and bow headband and looks in the mirror, which represents her awakening; roots start to grow and expand in the dressing room, changing into a dark, vine-covered setting. The camera pans to a different, darker Perry wearing a dark purple dress and black cloak and purple-blue hair as she sings.

“Wide Awake” is now at no. 4 of Billboard Hot 100. If ever it reaches no. 1, Katy Perry will make music history by becoming the first artist to have 6 no. 1 singles from 1 album, beating the record of Michael Jackson’s 5. I’m not sure, though, if they will consider it since “Wide Awake” is just a bonus track in Perry’s “Teenage Dream” re-release album.

Watch the music video here:

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