Miles and Marco of ‘LUV U’ Getting Closer than Ever

“LUV U” teen star Miles Ocampo admitted that she and her on-screen partner, Marco Gumabao are growing closer.

But unlike her role in the series, Miles doesn’t feel ready to be in a relationship. “Right now, my studies and my career are much more important,” she said.

“My parents know that there are guys who want to court me but I don’t entertain them because I don’t want to be in a relationship yet,” she added.

At the moment, she focuses more on her character in “LUV U” where she and her co-stars enjoy every taping day. She shared that oftentimes they would laugh and joke around at the set but when tapings begin, they turn serious.

“Our friendship became stronger, more so when the second season started and hopefully, we’ll still be together for a long time.”

Meanwhile on “LUV U”, cousins Camille (Miles), April (Angeli Gonzales) and Whitney (Kiray Celis) will go to an all-girl event at the bowling alley, a victory party. The boys, JB (Marco), Boom (CJ Navato) and Rocky (Igiboy Flores) will be desperate to talk to the girls but they won’t be allowed inside.

Principal Spencer (Smokey Manaloto) and Mang Ariel on the other hand, will meet a Korean girl (Jinri Park) at the bowling alley.

What will the boys do to be allowed inside the alley? And who is this beautiful girl that enchanted both Principal Spencer and Mang Ariel? Find out in “LUV U” this Sunday (June 24) after ASAP 2012 on ABS-CBN.

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